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Chic Style Adapts During the Pandemics

The pandemic’s rifts through the fashion industry has become an opportunity to spotlight the entrepreneurship of Chic Style LLC. Despite the current rifts, the newly born pandemic trends will continue to flood the upcoming seasons. The consumer has shifted buying patterns reflecting the current “kindness economy” and the “waist up” trend. The “waist up” shifts have been seen by retailers with a reported increase of 27% in their quarterly sales of tops and a 30% decline in the sales of fashion bottoms.

Chic Style continues to emerge through the rifts with their statement tops that serve as an outlet of expression that is bold, modern, and adventurous. The statement top shown at the right

The “kindness economy” has emerged with consumer spending aligning with retailers that mirror the buyer’s social injustice and environmental platforms. Chic Style early on adopted and adapted its mission to allow the “chic” woman to outwardly display her beauty and confidence through her displays of external change in her community.

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